Other Photographs


Below are a number of photogrpahs in various collections.  I have not included these photos, because I do not have copyright permission to do so.

However, the table below shows where the photos can be found. 


ARCHIVE:  Victoria & Albert Museum




 Portrait of DO Hill

Robert Adamson

From X519:  3172 - 19

 Newhaven fisherman  

Hill & Adamson

From X519:  3180 - 1932

 Newhaven fisherwomen  

Hill & Adamson

From X519:  3181 - 1932

Kenneth MacLeay 

Hill & Adamson

From X634B: 3160 - 1955

Newhaven fishermen

Hill & Adamson

From X634B: 3163 - 1955

A set of five small portraits

[They received Honourable Mention  in the Great Exhibition 1862]

Ross & Thomson

From X754  3148


[stereo landscapes]

Archibald Burns

From X546