Royal Photographic Society

PhotoHistorian Supplement - Edinburgh

 from August 2001 to date


The PhotoHistorian supplement for Edinburgh photographers: 'Professional Photographers in Edinburgh, Leith and Portobello - 1840 to 1940' was published in August 2001

Since then, I have found a few more Edinburgh photographers, and some  further details of others.  Please see below for a list of updates:


Purple  is used to denote that part of an entry that has changed.  Some of the new entries have been added as a result of deciding to include South Queensferry as being within Edinburgh.  (It was well outside the boundary in C19, but is inside now.)

On looking again at this list, I believe that many of the purple entries in Col 1 should have in fact been coloured black.

Aerial Photos Ltd


Aitchison, George

travelling photographer

Anderson, David Alexander Pearson

8, 15, 16 Arcade Princes Street  (1889-95)

Anderson, Thomas


Atkinson, T

8 Union Place, Portobello, c.1890s

Austin, J

75 Princes Street

Bain, Charles G


Bain, William

The Loan, South Queensferry (1907)

Bain, William

East Terrace, South Queensferry (1909-14+)

Banks, Patrick J

13 Meadowbank Crescent, c.1900

Banks, Patrick J

Piershill, c.1900

Bertram, Miss


Bonne, Thomas J

Bonne, Thomas Jackson

Brown, Richard Stuart

R S Brown,16 Brougham Street 1885-03

Brown, Robert

Robert Brown,16 Brougham Street 1903-28

Campbell, Colin

Also at 31 Princes Street, c.1917/19

Catling, E

101, Restalrig Avenue

Center, John

d. 1914

Charles Gray

19 Princes Street (1844)

Cine Snaps

Promenade Palace, Portobello

Counsell & Miles

19 Princes Street (1842-43)

Counsell, John

19 Princes Street (1842-43)

Crawford, John Knox Home

137 High Street, Portobello

Crawford, John Knox Home

223 High Street, Portobello, 1900-1915

Crawford, John Knox Home

130 Princes Street

Croal, John Templeton    d.1918

80, George Street, 1863-66

Crown Studio

70 Leith Walk (1916-21)

Cumming, Jas. (James or Jasper?)

1 Hanover Street + 75 Princes Street

Cumming, John

ALSO: 75 Princes Street (when?)

Cumming, (John or Jas.?)

ALSO: 8 St Andrew Street (1869)

Dallas, Elmslie William d.1879

[several studio addresses]

Debenham, Edwin Holfred

Debenham, Edwin Holford

Delaney, James

[Street Photographer] (1860s)

Dickson, John

ALSO AT: 10 Nicolson Street, when?

Dougharty, J E

Dougherty, J E (1919-21)

Dorrit, Ronald

Cobden Terrace, c.1950s

Douglas, Thomas H

13 Chamberlain Road, 1870-71

Douglas, Thomas H

1  Hanover Street, 1870-71

Douglas, Thomas H

84 Constitution Street, 1884

Durie Brown & Co

106 + 135 Princes Street

Dykes, Robert

Leith Walk Railway Station, 1886

Edinburgh Arts Guild

35 Cockburn Street (1915)

Edinburgh Cameras

30 Dean Street (1973-90)

Edinburgh Cameras

219 Bruntsfield Place ( from 1999)

Edinburgh’s Camera Shop


Edinburgh Royal Photographic Establishments


Edinburgh Society for the Employment of Women 

(new name)

Edinburgh Photographic Company


Edinburgh Stereoscopic Company

1850s (new name)

Edward, John D

Edward, John Donaldson  d.1930

Edwards, Counsell & Miles

19 Princes Street (1842-43)

Edwards, Messrs

19 Princes Street

Elsmore Studio

Elsmere Studio

Empire Studio

92+96 Nicolson St.

GW Fisher

25, South Hanover Street, 1866

Fraser Studios

Fraser Studios

Georgiades, Sotires

75, Princes Street, 1850-60

Gilchrist, P

105 South Bridge, dates?

Glen, H Graham

146 Princes Street, 1863-67

Horsburgh, John

131 Princes Street  d.1924

T Harrison's North British Photographic Establishment  
Now also indexed under 'H'

1 Hanover Street

Horsburgh, John Alfred

4, West Maitland Street

Horsburgh, John

39, South Bridge, 1861-64

Howie, James Jun.

72 Princes Street (1855)

Hutchison, Alex

29 Cockburn Street, 1875

Inglis, George

78 South Clerk Street (1861-64)

Jamieson, James

various studios  d. 1884

Kennedy, James


Kennedy, W P

79 George Street

Kyles & Law

33 Bath Street  (1866-67)

Kyles & Law

206 High St, Portobello, 1863-67

Kyles, William

34 Bath Street  1874-77

Kyles, William

d. 1886

Lamb, James

South Queensferry  (1887-1903)

Laubach, Philip

Laubach, Philipp

Laubach, Wilhelm

Laubach, Wilheim


13 West Salisbury Place

Le Conte, John

(also) 32 Frederick Street

Lennie, E J  d.1969

46 Princes Street, 1890

Leslie John Chalmers

(also) Merchiston, 1890s

Low, Philip E

(also) 144 St Stephen Street



McGill, Peter  d.1916

Hawes Pier, South Queensferry,
c.1890s-1910s +?

McGlashon, Alexander

ALSO 43, Sciennes

Mackay, James M

Mackay, James Millar

McKean, Charles

Promenade Studio, Portobello

McKean, John

(also) 47 Promenade, Portobello, 1900-03

McKenzie, G M

Mckenzie, George, Piershill Studio (1880-81)


(Address not known) c.1890

McMillan & Thomson

19 Princes Street (1845-46)

McPherson, J

(also) 17 Princes Street

McPherson, J

(also) 102 South Bridge (1869)

Meek, John

Roxburgh Street


12? Dean Park

Mitchell, George G Grierson Gordon

d. 1916

Moffat, John

19 Princes Street 1856-58

Moffat, John

103 Princes Street 1861-76

Morris Photos

99 Annandale Street (new name)


19 Princes Street (1843)

Munro J K

Princes Street, 1887

Munro W K

58 Pitt Street (1885-1907)

Murray, JR

Murray, John Robert

Nimmo, Peter

d. 1900

Pearce, B E


Photo Company

5a Annandale Street, early-C20?

Photographic Art Gallery

79 George Street

Ponder, Joseph J


Popowitz, George

60 Princes Street, 1849-56 d.1851

Popular Studio

80? Dalry Road

Powell, J W

Powell, John W

Robertson, T

Robertson, Thomas

Ross, James

d. [not 1878 - still alive 1881]

St Andrew Photographic Co

8 South Saint Andrew Street

Scott, Donald

1909-25:    d. 1925

Smith, Thomas

(also) 78 South Clerk Street 1860-61

Georgiades, Sotires

(also) 4, Mound, 1848-49

Stanley, John

75, Princes Street 1848-50

Stephenson, R

Shaw Terrace

Thomson Robert Kemp

(also) 11 Bread Street

Train, Ronald

55a, Broughton Street, 1937-75

Tunny & Asher

102 South Bridge
also named:
National Photographic Saloon

Turnbull, Robert

(also) 26, Bath Street, Portobello, 1914

Turner, Arthur James

2 Rosslyn Street, c.1890

Urie, John


Wood& Co

130 Princes Street (when?)

Yerbury, 3 Hanover Street

(also) 3 South Hanover Street

Young, J O

Young, John Ogden

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