Robert Forbes Sherar

Robert F Sherar gave lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society in the early 1900s.

7 Jan 1903

Perspective illustrated by Photography  [illustrated]

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1903, pp.66-67 for an account of the Meeting, but not the full text of the Paper.

8 Jan 1908

Taste, Style and Fashion in Arts

See Transactions of EPS, Feb 1908, pp.43-45.

5 Apr 1911


See Transactions of EPS, May 1911, pp.5-7.



The City of Edinburgh Art Collection includes a photograph catalogued as being by Robert F Shearer, but presumably by Robert F Sherar.  It is titled:

'Saughton Bridge, 1884'


Thank you  to Eric Parker, Edinburgh, for sending  me the image below - a photograph of a painting, oil on panel,  by Robert F Sherar of a woman playing a mandolin on a balcony.  It is dated 1893.

A photograph of a painting of a lady with a mandolin, by Robert F Sherar who lectured to Edinburgh Photographic Society in the early 1900s

Reproduced with acknowledgement
 to Eric Parker, Edinburgh


Sherar Family

Request for further details

I have been contacted by Sam Evans, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, who has been researching the life of Roland Creighton Sherar, son of the artist and architect Robert Forbes Sherar.   

Sam asked several questions below, many of which are answered in 'Reply 1' below.


"This web site refers to:

-  Robert Forbes Sherar, who gave lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1903, 1908, 1911.

-  F Sherar who gave a lecture to the Practical Photography section of EPS in 1904 titled: 'The Camera and the Optics of Photography'

Robert Forbes, a photographer based at Princes Street, George Street then Fettes Row between 1902 and 1912.

Is it likely that these are all the same man?"

Robert Forbes Sherar

"I know that Robert Forbes Sherar moved into a commercial premises of his own very early in the 20th century.  It is not one referred to on your site,  but I do wonder if RFS changed from art/architecture to professional photographer and used Robert Forbes as his trade name"

Extract *

"Robert F Sherar was primarily a landscape painter.

In 1885 he was at 20 Spittal Street, Edinburgh; in 1890 at Jordanburn House and in 1891 at Belhaven Terrace, addresses which suggest improved circumstances; in 1898 at 12 Maxwell Street.

In 1903 he had a studio in the Peddie-owned office block at 122 George Street.  In 1907 he entered the Perth City Hall competition with William Erskine Thomson and they were described as 'of Perth';  it is unclear whether Sherar had moved to Perth to join Thomson, or whether they collaborated solely for the competition and remained in their separate offices, with Sherar in Edinburgh."

* Source:  Dictionary of Scottish Architects - SA Architect Biography Report web site

Sam Evans, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England:   July 13, 2006



Francis Mansell

Thank you to Francis Mansell for sending more information about his great-grandfather, Robert Forbes Sherar

Frances wrote


"My grandfather was Roland Crichton (correct spelling) Sherar. He died at the end of 1990, aged 101.

He was the oldest son of the artist, Robert Forbes Sherar, and the only one of his 7 children to have any children of his own, two daughters, the younger of whom, recently deceased, was my mother Diana."


"RF Sherar was, by profession, a civil engineer and architect.  He was involved in the construction of the original Murrayfield stadium.  His considerable interest in art and photography were as a hobby, though happily one to which he appears to have devoted a considerable amount of his time."


"Consequently, I very much doubt that he would have been the same person as Robert Forbes - hardly a rare name in Edinburgh, I would have thought.

I'm pretty sure he didn't own a photography business.  On the other hand,  F Sherar could easily be the same person, an error leaving out his first initialSherar is an Orcadian name. There are probably not many Sherars in mainland Scotland"

Not Perth

"I can confirm that Robert Forbes Sherar never lived in Perth; the family ended up in Ann Street in Edinburgh New Town, and also lived at some earlier point at Aberlady, East Lothian."


"There are still a number of his paintings in the family, some having been redistributed following the recent death of my mother.  Many of them are portraits, a couple being of 'rustic' characters - a bearded man in a cap and a rather saucy-looking milkmaid.  Apparently at the time these were
painted (1880s/1890s?) he was a member of some sort of rustic painting club."


"I'm not aware, sadly, of any of his photos being in the possession of any family members, though I have a fine photo of him, his wife and their oldest four children."

Francis Mansell:  February 25, 2011


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