John Thomson

Photographer - Geographer - Traveller

1837 -1921


John Thomson was born and educated in Edinburgh.  He went on to become a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society

He travelled to:

-  Ceylon,  Siam,  Cambodia


-  Singapore,  Vietnam


-  China,  Formosa


-  Cyprus.


He gave a series of lectures in Britain covering his travels , and published photographs from some of these travels.


John Thomson set up studios in:

-  Singapore (1863)

-   London

When did John Thomson open his London studio?  Was this the same John Thomson as was based at:

- 78 Buckingham Palace Road (1882-84)?

- 70a Grosvenor Street (1884-1904)?

Photographs Published

John Thomson published photographs from his travels including Siam, Cambodia, China and Cyprus.

He also published a series of Woodburytype photographs under the title "Street Life in London"

References:  A Moment in Time (John Hannavy),  Light from the Dark Room (National Galleries of Scotland) AND
A Directory of London Photographers 1841-1908 (Michael Pritchard)


Photographs for Sale in Auction

Ten studies of China and Borneo from the late-1860s and early 1870s, by John Thomson, are included in Sotheby's Auction to be held at New Bond Street, London on 17 May 2005.

Lot No 9:  Estimated selling price:  5000 - 7000.

One of these studies is illustrated in the catalogue.


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