Painters and Engravers

The Scott Family


The engraver, Robert R Scott had two sons, both artists and engravers:

Davis Scott RSA (b.1806;  d.1849) best known as a historical painter.

Bill Scott,  an artist, engraver and art critic.

David Scott

David Scott was, at first, apprenticed to his father, Robert, as a line engraver.  He devoted himself to painting, studying at the Trustees' Academy in Edinburgh.

-  His painting, The Traitor's Gate, is held by the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh

-  His painting, The Spirit of the Storm, said to be his greatest painting and one of the largest canvases ever painted, hangs in Trinity House, Leith.

-  Twenty five of his etchings illustrated Coleridge's Ancient Mariner.  Several of these can be seen in the Print Room at the National Galleries of Scotland

Source:  Edinburgh Engravers:  Guy   (Published in the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club and as a separate booklet)


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