The American Studios

The American Studios had premises at 39 South Bridge, Edinburgh.

Also at several addresses in the North of England and Scotland are listed on the backs of their cabinet prints.  Addresses listed on cabinet prints include:

-  Aberdeen (1908 until at least 1914)

-  Dundee  (1911 until at least 1914)

-  Edinburgh  (1908 until 1919)

-  Glasgow.

-  Newcastle-on–Tyne

-  Middlesbrough

-  South Shields

-  Sunderland 

ADDRESS:  The 'American Studios' address is listed in some directories as Ronladi's American Studio.

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American Studios  -  Cabinet Prints

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The studio was based at 39 South Bridge from 1908 to 1919.  With a little more research, it may be possible to date some of the photos more accurately by examining the style of cabinet print and the addresses of the studios in other towns listed on the back of the cabinet print.

Here is a photograph from American Studios, of a girl aged two, dressed in Newhaven Fishwives' costume:

Photograph of a girl aged two, dressed in Newhaven Fishwives' Costume  -  American Studios ©




Letters on Cabinet Prints

All of photos 1 to 5 above have the letter 'R' in a small circle near the foot of the mount, but Ian Alexander, Liverpool, has sent me one of his family portraits by American Studios today (17 Jan 2012) which has a letter 'W' in this position.

Please email me to tell me if you know the significance of the letter 'R' or 'W' or any other letter that might appear here on American Studios' cabinet prints.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 17, 2012


American Studio  -  studio addresses and dates


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