Anderson & Kirkhope

4 Nicolson Square: 1955 to 1967.


Ronnie Dorrit

Cobden Terrace

I found it interesting to hear about how some of the Edinburgh photographers operated in the late-1950s and early-1960s.

In those days, fewer people owned their own cameras.  Mobile phones with cameras were unknown!

Thank you to Bill Brady, Edinburgh, for sending me the following recollections. 

Bill wrote:

Anderson & Kirkhope


Ronnie Dorrit

50 years ago

I remember photographers,  Andersen & Kirkhope, in Edinburgh in the late-1950s and early-1960s.  Ronnie Dorrit worked for them, then did a similar job alone before moving to Leeds in the early or mid-1960s, continuing to operate the same way.

Photos 'Without Obligation'

The job involved knocking on doors, usually doors with a pram outside, and booking people into a 'without obligation' deal for family photos.

The photographer would returning a few days later with six 1/4 plate prints in slip-in folder mounts and a whole plate print similarly mounted of the best photo.

It was a kind of 'puppy-dog sale', and most people bought the lot ,as any rejected photos could always be sold at a 'give-away' price.

Bill Brady, Edinburgh, April 19, 2004



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