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Colin Campbell opened two studios in Edinburgh in 1916 - one at 32 Princes Street and the other at 39 South Bridge.  He had several changes of address over the next five years, then moved to a single studio at 100 Princes Street from 1922 until 1925.

Addresses in Directories

The Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory for 1916 lists Colin Campbell as a photographer based at 39 North Bridge.  But I have one of his cartes de visite bearing the address 39 South Bridge.  I have assumed that the address on the carte de visite is correct and that the address in the directory is incorrect.  

The address, 39 South Bridge was used by a succession of photographers over the period of about 60 years, beginning 1858.

32, 71, 100 Princes Street

The Princes Street addresses of Colin Campbell's studios between 1916 and 1925, as listed in the Post Office Directories, are Nos. 32, 71 and 100 Princes Street.

31 Princes Street

However Sandy from Musselburgh, East Lothian has now shown me a postcard portrait of a WW1 soldier with a blind stamp in the corner giving the address:

 'Colin Campbell, 31 Princes Street, Edinburgh'.

Perhaps he did not stay at this address for long.

His studio addresses changed fairly frequently.  It seems that the Post Office Directory, which was published annually, was not able to keep up with all his moves.  When might he have been based at 31 Princes Street?

Update 1

Thank you to Evelyn Hunt for also sending me, on 16 February 2012, a copy of a postcard portrait by Colin Campbell,  giving the 31 Princes Street address.  Evelyn tells me that the date written on the back of this photo is 'Abt. 1919'.

Update 2

Thank you to Keith Browning for sending me this copy of a postcard portrait by Colin Campbell.  This also gives the 31 Princes Street address.  Keith tells me that the portrait is of his grandfather, Arthur James Browning.  Keith  believes the photo would have been taken around 1917.

He wrote:

"I have no record of him ever being in Edinburgh, with the army or at any other time, which is a little odd."

Keith Browning, Portugal:  May 20, 2012

Update 3

Thank you to Jenny Scott for also writing with information about Colin Campbell's studio at 31 Princes Street.

Jenny wrote:

"I have a photograph of my grandfather taken by photographer Colin Campbell who gives his address as 31 Princes Street.  The photo is on my Flickr site.

I would be interested to know if you have any more precise information about the 31 Princes Street address  **

[Unfortunately, I have no more info about that address.  - Peter Stubbs, Jan 14, 2012]

My grandfather's service record shows:

-  Sep 1917:  detached to England, on leave

-  Aug 1918:  detached to UK on leave

-  Mar 1919:  posted to UK, on duty.

Jenny Scott, January 12, 2013


I'm continuing to receive more messages about photos from Colin Campbell's studio at 31 Princes Street.  I've now started to add these messages to my list of studio addresses on the EdinPhoto web site.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  26 December 2016


Colin Campbell  -  studio addresses and dates


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