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Cine Snaps

Holloway Miller [in some directories


When were Cine Snaps working from Portobello?  I have not found this company in any of the trade directories or seen any of its photos.

The only information that I have about the company is a small card as below.  The card also included a small photograph indicating where Cine Snaps could be found  on the Promenade:

2 for 2/-

You have been filmed by




Take this card to kiosk

at above address where

photographs can be had

in TWO HOURS time.

If unable to call send brief description
along with PO to value of 2/6.


Seaside Promenade Photographers

Thank you to Douglas Beath, Tasmania, Australia  for the following advice relating to Cine Snaps and similar companies operated at the seaside:

"A quickie that should save your time.   Don't look for a permanent address for seaside prom photographers.  The most you may find is the same card from other towns.

They were  faraway-accented itinerants who descended on resorts for a quick haymaking season. 

The first (unsolicited) snap would be a sham to hook the catch then,  if the victim responded by accepting the card,  the smoothie would promptly step back and take  "another"  shot  "to be sure".   They didn't waste film."