John T Croal's

cartes de visite of his father,

George Croal

George Croal

John T Croall  -  Professional Photographer -  A carte de visite of his father, George Croal        The back  of a carte de visite of a lady by John T Croal

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Kevin Smith, London


George Croal

Thank you to Kevin Smith for allowing me to reproduce the carte de visite above.

 Kevin wrote:

Carte de Visite

"Here is a photo which my mother always insisted was of my Great Great Grandfather George Croal, and

I am slightly perplexed by the photo.  George was born in 1811 and this photo was probably taken between 1863-1866, which would make him between 52-55 years old. He looks older to me and I wonder whether this might be a shot of his father David, who was born circa 1786

However, I have learned to accept my Mum's view of the family history.  My researches indicate that she was rarely incorrect in her recollection of family history.  Maybe life was hard on George."

George - Musician

"George was born in 1811 and was described as a 'Musical Instrument Tuner' when he married in 1830.  He, was listed as a 'Music Seller' in the 1841 Census of Edinburgh and 'Music Teacher' in 1851.

He wrote and sold popular music and was known as 'The Darling of Edinburg' during his lifetime.  At a very early age he was friend to Sir Walter Scott and wrote music for his Scottish Airs. He was present at the dinner in 1827 (aged 16) when Scott announced that he was author of 'The Waverley Novels' whose authorship was a mystery at the time.

I have lists of some of his music including works referencing Walter Scott but have not been able to find any of his sheet music for sale so far. I should love to hear some of his tunes."

George's Son - George

"George's son George Croal was my great grandfather and he was also musical, composing under the name 'Carlo Zotti'.  Some of his arrangements are reputed to be on record at Southampton University and I have some references."

George's Son - John T

"One of George senior's younger sons was John Templeton Croal.  He was the photographer working from 80 George Street Edinburgh in the 1860's."

Kevin Smith, London:  August 24, 2007


John T Croal

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