Cumming Brothers

and J D Cumming


Cumming Brothers

Cumming Brothers studio was at 63 North Bridge from 1882 until 1885.  It was advertised on the board to the right of the head of this statue located where the East End of Princes Street meets the North Bridge.

The view below looks up the North Bridge, from the steps to Register House behind the  Duke of Wellington's statue, towards Cumming Brothers' studio.

Looking towards Cummings Brothers' studio, North Bridge

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Cumming Brothers

Cumming Brothers were Photographers and Portrait Painters?  But who were they?

They were not in business until the 1880s, so my assumption is that the Cumming Brothers were unlikely to be the James Cumming and John Cumming photographers in Edinburgh in the 1860s.


Thank you to Ron Cosens who runs the author of web site for sending me this copy of a cabinet print by Cumming Brothers.  It has a rubber stamp impression for J D Cumming, Tranent, on the back.

A cabinet print by Cumming Brothers.  On the back there is a rubber stamp impression bearing the name J D Cumming.     The back of a cabinet print by Cumming Brothers, ahowing a rubber stamp impression bearing the name J D Cumming.

Tranent is in East Lothian, about ten miles to the east of Edinburgh.  In comparison to Edinburgh I would not have thought there would have been a lot of demand for photography in Tranent.

This cabinet print seems to demonstrate a connection between Cumming Brothers and J D Cumming, but who was J D Cumming?  Was he James Cumming (above) or was he John Cumming (above) or perhaps another member of the same family?


John Cumming  -  James Cumming  -  Walter J H Cumming


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