James de Maus


James De Maus was a professional photographer with a studio at 25 Hanover Street, Edinburgh in 1864-65.

The back of this carte de visite also gives a studio address in Moffat, in the Scottish Borders.

Carte de visite

   Carte de visite from the studio of James de Maus, Edinburgh and Moffat   The back of a carte de visite from the studio of James de Maus, Edinburgh and Moffat


James de Maus later left Edinburgh and emigrated to New Zealand.

Thank you to Mark Hamilton who writes:

"I have photos from James de Maus studio in Scotland and also from his studio in New Zealand.

James de Maus appears to have been a mate of my great grandfather.  They emigrated together from New Zealand to Fiji in 1869, but in Leyuka, Fiji, James appears have gone away from his photographer.

A child, Herbert de Maus was born there on September 15, 1871 who in adult life played cricket for New Zealand.

Mark Hamilton, Wallaroo, South Australia:  February 10+13, 2008


Portrait of James de Maus


Mark Hamilton has been looking for photographs of James de Maus.  If you know of any, please e-mail me then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.  - Peter Stubbs:  February 13, 2008


Mark Hamilton tells me that he has just received a reply from the Hocken Collection of Photographs at the University of Otago Library, New Zealand, telling him:

"I see in a book by photographic historian, Hardwicke Knight, that there is a possible portrait of de Maus in Album 10 in the Otago Settlers Museum."

Mark will investigate further

- Peter Stubbs:  February 14, 2008


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