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JE Dougherty

Outdoor Photography

JE Dougherty described himself as  outdoor photographic expert.

Indoor Photography

However, he also appears to have done indoor photography.  Below is I  a postcard of one of his JE Dougherty's indoor portraits, believed to have been taken in 1919.  This is the only portrait by JE Dougherty that I have seen.

Post card of the Wilsonn's family - c.1919  -  by JE Dougharty

  Copyright: Phil Wilson

Phil Wilson provided details of the people in this portrait.  They are his grandfather William Fisher Wilson and his siblings.

From left to right:

James Wilson born c. 1902 died 1923
Thomas Wilson born 1894 died aged 95
Mary Wilson born 1904 died aged 99
David Wilson born c. 1911  
William Fisher Wilson born 1892  
George Wilson born 1900  


Name and Address

The address on the back of the postcard is:

JE Dougherty, New Studio, 72 Dalry Road

The name was spelt Dougharty in the trade directory but Dougherty on the ink stamp on the back of the postcard, so I have assumed that the latter is correct.

Thank you to Phil Wilson for sending me details of the postcard above - a photograph of his grandfather and five siblings before all except James emigrated to Canada in 1919.