John Drummond

Ediinburgh Professional Photographers  -  John Drummond in uniform of the Royal Scots


Asher & Drummond

Drummond & Herriot

Drummond & Low


Fife and London

1860s - 1870s

Asher & Drummond

Alexander Asher had a studio in Dunfermline in the early-1860s:

Alexander Asher

Bonar St, Dunfermline


He entered into partnership with John Drummond

Asher & Drummond

Bonar St, Dunfermline




However, the partnership was dissolved on 8 November 1864, leaving John Drummond in Fife:

John Drummond



John Drummond

Bonar Street, Dunfermline


John Drummond

James Street, Dunfermline


The last mention that I have found of Drummond in Fife was in 1875.  Did he perhaps go directly to London? He was certainly working in London in the 1880s.  See below.



Meanwhile, Alexander Asher had moved to Edinburgh in Dec 1864:

Alexander Asher

47,48  Whitfield Place


This was followed by several other studio addresses until 1890.



Most of the details above are taken from Photographers in Central Scotland to 1914
[D Richard Torrance] - though I have made some minor variations to the dates.


London and Edinburgh

1880s - 1910s

Drummond & Heriot

John Drummond first appeared in the Edinburgh trade directories, in partnership with Heriot.

Drummond & Herriot

79 Princes Street


In fact, Drummond and Heriot had both worked in the London studio of W & D Downey, Photographers to the Queen author of


1.  Did Drummond work for W & D Downey throughout the period 1875-85, between leaving Dunfermline and arriving in Edinburgh?

2Following his brief partnership with Herriot, Drummond did not appear again as a photographer in the Edinburgh trade directories until 1891. 

Where was he 1886 - 1890?  Perhaps he was working for one of the other Edinburgh photographers.

3When Drummond did appear again in the directories, it was in partnership with Low

Drummond & Low

127a Ferry Road


Who was the Low that Drummond was in partnership with?

I have found several Edinburgh professional photographers named Low, but have not been able to link any of them into the 'Drummond & Low' partnership.

Like his earlier two partnerships, Drummond's partnership with Low appears to have been brief.  Drummond went on to operate three studios in his own name for about 20 years from 1894 until his emigration to Canada in 1913.

John Drummond

22 Dalry Road


John Drummond

34 Shandwick Place


John Drummond

9 William Street




John Drummond  appears to have photographed for the Pixie series of Post Cards  published by Durie Brown & Co.


John Drummond and his Family

Family Photos

In 1899, John Drummond married Minnie Bruce.  She was born in Aberdeen in 1869.

  Ediinburgh Professional Photographers  -  John Drummond with military tent and his wife, Minnie  -  probably photographed around 1910.

Please click here to see photographs of John Drummond, including two photographs taken at military camp in 1912.

-  John Drummond and his wife, Minnie

-  John Drummond and his son, Ian.

Emigration to Canada

John Drummond and his wife, Minnie, emigrated to Calgary, Canada in 1913.  There, he opened a photo processing shop. 

John Drummond died in 1930.  Minnie died in Calgary in 1949.


Much of the information above is based on notes provided by John Francis of Calgary, Canada, grandson of John Drummond.

John Francis has been researching John Drummond and his family.  John Francis has already provided some family details that I have included on this site.  He also has an album of Drummond's pictures which he believes may have been a presentation book that he showed to his potential customers.  Some of the photos in this book are of his relatives.  Many more are probably of strangers.

John Francis would like to learn more about the studio or family of John Drummond.  If you have any information, can you please email me so that I can pass it on to him?  Thank you.


Photographs of John Drummond


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