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S C Ednie

Edinburgh Photographer

SC Ednie was listed as a photographer at 28 North Bridge Street for two years only, 1906-07.

He was presumably the same photographer as 'Ednie' in the 'Morrison & Ednie' partnership that was based at 28 North Bridge, 1904-08.

But was he the same photographer as is mentioned in an e-mail that I received from Christine Grover?

Airdrie Photographer

Christine wrote

I thought you might be interested to know that I have a couple of postcards of studio portraits which have S C Ednie, Photographer, Airdrie stamped on the back.

The photographs were taken between 1925-30 (I think).

Christine Grover, Newport on Tay  28 November 2005.

Christine then sent the following additional details.

Since sending you my original email I've discovered that S C Ednie is Samuel Campbell Ednie. 

He exhibited in a number of exhibitions throughout Scotland between 1920-40 and seems to have specialised in child portraits.

He died 24th July 1943 in Airdrie.

Christine Grover, Newport on Tay  5 December 2005.

D Richard Torrance's book 'Photographers in Lanarkshire to 1914' gives this studio address for Stuart Campbell Ednie:

From 1914:  44 Bridge Street, Airdrie


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