Edinburgh Photographers named Fraser

-  A&E Fraser

-  John Fraser

-  D Wilson Fraser

-  Wilson Fraser [in one directory]

-  Fraser & Elrick

-  Fraser & Elwrick [in one directory]

-  Fraser Studios


A&E Fraser

A&E Fraser were Photo Material Dealers and Photographers in 1911.

Then they were Wholesale Stationers, Printers  & Paper Bag Makers until 1924.

From 1907, there were also other professional photographers in Edinburgh named Fraser:

  -  John Fraser and 

  -  D Wilson Fraser.

Were they related to A & E Fraser?


Fraser & Elrick

Fraser & Elrick were, Opticians, Photographic Dealers & Photographers.  They produced post cards of Edinburgh, decorated for the Royal Visit of 1907.  

Fraser was in partnership with others, before and after Elrick.  But who was Fraser?

Was he Alexander Fraser, Chemist & Druggist of 164 Morrison Street, later 84 Comiston Road in the 1890s?

And who was Elrick?


D Wilson Fraser

D Wilson Fraser appeared in several Edinburgh Trade Directories, based at 16 Ferry Road, 1907-13. 

In some of these directories, he  appeared under the name Wilson Fraser.

The only photographs that I have seen have give the address as 15 Ferry Road.


[Acknowledgement:  Bob Brindle + one other!]


Fraser Studios

Looking down on Edinburgh

I don't know the studio address of Fraser Studios, or when the studio operated.  I've never found it listed in any of the Edinburgh trade directories.  Perhaps the company was never based in Edinburgh.

However this view in one of their photos is certainly an Edinburgh view, looking down from the crags in Holyrood Park, towards Dumbiedykes and the old town of Edinburgh;

 Photograph from Fraser Studios  -  Background looking down on Edinburgh Old Town


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