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Haddow, Thomas jun.

Haddow, Thomas sen.

Thomas Haddow jun.

Thomas Haddow jun. worked at Shandwick Place as:

-  1921-27:  optician  and also

1922-23:  photographer. 

He gave a lecture to EPS:  

-   1918:  "The Development of the Cinematograph"


Thomas Haddow sen.

I have found no evidence that Thomas Haddow sen. ever worked as photographer.

However, there was a Thomas Haddow, [presumably sen.],  who was one of the guarantors of the EPS 1890 Exhibition.  He gave the following lectures to EPS.

-  1889:  "The ‘Kodak’ and its Capacities"

-  1893:  "Dalmeyer’s Tele-photographic Lens"

-   1895:   "Blair Cameras and Films"

-  1902:  "Flexible films for Cameras and Cinematographs"