AG Ingram

AG Ingram Ltd

AG Ingram

AG Ingram was in business from 1933 until 1949.

AG Ingram Ltd was in business from 1950 until 1986

Before establishing his own company, around 1933, AG Ingram worked for Scottish Pictorial Press.

AG Ingram Ltd

From 1965 onwards, the AG Ingram Ltd studio was located in a small basement office at 74 Broughton Street.  Stanley Ingram, son on AG Ingram, his Co-Director, Dave Morris and a third photographer, Rod Dumbreck were  based there.

Stanley Ingram left the company a few years before it closed.

Photographs produced by the company included sea trials of several ships for the shipbuilders Henry Robb at Leith.

[Rod Dumbreck]


AG Ingram took some photos of school classes around Edinburgh.

I have not yet been able to trace who now owns the copyright for AG Ingram photographs.  If you know the answer to this, can you please email me, so that I can contact the copyright holder.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  February 5, 2008


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