Edinburgh Buildings

designed by

John Lessels

Edinburgh Photographic Society Presidents

John Lessels, was one of two prominent Edinburgh architects who became President of Edinburgh Photographic Society.

John Lessels (1809-1883) was EPS President  from 1876 to 1883.

Hippolyte Jean Blanc (1844-1917)  was EPS President from 1888 to 1891.

Buildings designed by John Lessels

John Lessels was architect to the City Improvement Trust.  He certainly left his mark around Edinburgh. 

Here are some of his works mentioned in The Buildings of Scotland - Edinburgh (John Gifford et al,)

I may add photos of some of these buildings to the web site later:

-  East side of Palmerston Place

-  Lodge at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

-  North side of West Maitland Street

-  Salisbury Green - house for Nelson family (1860)

-  Monument at  Canongate Church (c.1860)

-  Chester Street (1862-70)

-  Pavilions at north end of Walker Street (1862, 1874)

-  West side of Manor Place (1864)

-  St Leonard's - house for Nelson family(1869)

-  Shop frontage at 110 Princes Street  (1869)

-  Palace Hotel, 108-110 Frederick Street (1869)

-  East side of St Mary Street (1869)
(John Lessels + David Cousin)

-  Drumsheugh Gardens (part) (1874-82)

-  63-85 Grassmarket (tenements) (1875)

-  Church of Christ, St Leonard's (1880)

-  Royal Crescent completed
(carried out by his son, James Lessels, 1884-88)


Lessels Family - professional and amateur photographers