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Amateur or Professional Photographer?

I have been told of a carte de visite - a two-thirds portrait of a man wearing a tweed suit.  The photograph is in an oval vignette.  On the back of the photo is a rubber stamp reading:

Micciullo, Photographer

12 (?) Dean Park, Edinburgh

I have not been able to trace this photographer in the Edinburgh Trade Directories.  The use of a rubber stamp for the name suggests that, perhaps, Micciullo was either an amateur photogrpaher or a professional photographer who was only in business for a short period.

Date of the Photograph

Many thanks to Ron Cosens for providing the following helpful comments in dating the Micciullo photograph:

"The style of the oval vignette presentation was used from the early1870s to after 1900 but seems most prevalent between 1877 and 1885.

Also, by that time portraits had move from full length to (in many cases) 3/4 length. 

Also by then the image had become 'larger on the page'. 

So my estimate, without seeing the real thing, is about 1880."