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Thomas AA Morrison


Morrison & Ednie


Edinburgh’s new North Bridge was opened in 1902.  Many photos of the celebrations for the opening of the bridge can be found, including one by James CH Balmain of an elephant parade across the bridge.

Over the next three years, buildings were erected on the West side of the bridge, then named North Bridge Street. 

No 28 North Bridge Street, 'Scotsman Galleries', was where Thomas AA Morrison set up in business as 'Photographer in Miniature' from 1905 until 1930.


The partnership, Morrison & Ednie that he established with SC Ednie had a briefer existence.  It lasted until 1908.  SC Ednie appears never to have traded as a photographer under his own name.


I now have several post-cards of studio portraits by TA Morrison, dating from the early 20th century.  In my experience, more of his postcard portraits appear to have survived than almost any other photographer.



Is this the same Thomas A Morrison?

There was a portrait photographer named Thomas A Morrison (1856-1912), a native of Belfast who moved to Dumfries in 1876.   

He had several studios in the Scottish Borders:

-  Castle Douglas

-  Dumfries

-  Lockerbie

-  Moffat

-  Stranraer.

He left Dumfries in 1901 and moved to London, opening a studio there. He returned to Dumfries in ill health the year before his death.

He apparently  changed his name to Thomas A Moryson.  Was this the same photographer as Thomas AA Morrison of Edinburgh, or was he, perhaps,  a member of the same family?

[Sources:   (1) Lilian Menzies web site for Epitaph in a local Lockerbie newspaper .  (2) Maureen Bartlett]


Thank you to Maureen Bartlett who replied:

Not the Same Man!

Just to let you know that Thomas AA Morrison of Edinburgh was not the same Thomas A Moryson of Dumfries, previously Belfast.

T A Moryson’s parents were Robert Morrison, Belfast newspaper editor, and Sarah Ellen Letitia Gowdy. He spelled his name Moryson when he was in his very early 20s.

T A A Morrison’s parents, according to the 1901 census for Edinburgh, were Peter Morrison, wine merchant, born Fortingall, Perthshire (as were his grandparents) and Elizabeth, born Dull, Perthshire.  The son, TAA Morrison, born c 1878, is shown as a photographer in the same census.

Maureen Bartlett:  May 18, 2007