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J K Munro


J K Munro

Photographs from an old album


The three photo below is from an album that has been donated to the Scottish Genealogy Society.  The inscription on the front of the album reads 'AG Fraser, Edinburgh, 1889'.

Most of the photos in the album are from studios in Edinburgh.  A few are from studios in Musselburgh, Leven, Walthamstow and Forfar & Kirriemuir.

Here are more photos from the same album.

Do you have any idea which family this album might have belonged to?  If so, please e-mail me, then I'll pass your message on to the Scottish Genealogy Society.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  January 14, 2007.


JK Munro

Photo 1

Here is a photo mounted on carte de visite stamped:

 'JK Munro, Photographer and Artist, Edinburgh'.

Group of 10  -  looking at what?

Photo by JK Munro mounted on a carte de visite card

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Scottish Genealogy Society



The back of a Photo by JK MUnro mounted on a carte de visite card

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Scottish Genealogy Society

This photo is rather over-size for its mount.  I don't know whether this photo was attached to the mount originally by the photographer, or whether  it was added to the mount later, perhaps by the owner of the photo.

UPDATE:  I now believe that the photo was probably attached to the mount by the photogapher.  I've now found two more photos by JK Munro.   (See below.)  They are a better fit for their mounts than the photo above, but there are similarities in the way that all three have been mounted.

The other question that strikes me about this photo is: "What was outside the frame on the left, that everybody was looking at?"



JK Munro

More Photos

Photos 2 and 3

Here are two more cartes de visite of groups by JK Munro.  I don't know who the subjects are or what the occasions were when these photos were taken.

4 ladies

Carte de visiet by JK Munro  -  4 ladies

  Reproduced with acknowledgement
to the Scottish Genealogy Society

Large Group

Carte de visiet by JK Munro  -  Large Group  -  Who are they? 
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Scottish Genealogy Society



JK Munro

Dunfermline and Edinburgh?

The photos above are by JK Munro.  The first is stamped on the back:

Photographer and Artist

J K Munro


The only photographer named J K Munro  that I have found in the old trade directories was based at 1 East Port Street, Top of New Row, Dunfermline.  This may well have been the same man.




Ron Cosens

Thank you to Ron Cosens for sending me a coy of this advert, published in the Dunfermline Saturday Press on 18 June 1887:



(From Princes Street, Edinburgh), begs to
announce that his Studio -

No. 1 EAST PORT STREET. (Corner of New Row),


This confirms that the Edinburgh photographer W .K. Munro is, indeed the same man as the Dunfermline photographer of that name, and that J K Munro appears to have had a studio in Princes Street  around 1887.

I don't know for how long before and after 1887 his studio might have been in Princes Street, possibly not very long because many of the Princes Street studios changed hands frequently and J K Munro does not seem to have been there for long enough to have been listed in one of the annual editions of the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directories.

Acknowledgement:  Ron Cosens:  July 30 2013:

Ron is the Founding Member of PCCGB (The Photographic Collectors' Club of Great Britain)


William K Munro

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