J Nicoll Small

J Nicol Small [in some directories]

T N Small [in some directories]


J Nicoll Small was described in the trade directories as:

  'Photographer, Lithographic Writer and Draughtsman.'


With J Nicoll Small's father was minister, Robert Small DD, from Balgedie

He was ordained on July 29, 1863 and spent nearly 10 years as 3rd Minister of Southend Relief Church, Argyllshire.  Several of his children were born at Southend.

He then moved to Edinburgh where he was inducted at Gilmore Place on April 14 1873.

There was also another minister of the same name  -  Robert Small  MA, son of Robert Small DD.  He was ordained on December 3, 1889.

Margeorie Mekie, Portobello, Edinburgh:  April 26, 2008


The photographer, J Nicoll Small, had studios in Edinburgh at:

-  69 Jeffrey Street, from 1906 to 1910.

-  30 Cockburn Street, from 1911 to 1919.

Peter Stubbs:  April 26, 2008

Glass Plate Negatives

J Nicol Small lived in Kinnesswood, Kinross, Scotland at the end of his life.

Some of his old glass plate negatives from the 1920s, including views around Kinnesswood, have survived.   Photos are now being produced from these plates as part of a local history  project.

 Jane Martin:  Perth & Kinross, Scotland:  April 19, 2008


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