George Popowitz

George Popawitz [in one directory]

Types of Photography

George Popawitz was initially a daguerreotype photographer.

He became noted for his albumen on glass work.    [HAG].

1849 and 1850

George Popowitz placed adverts for his photographic business at 60 Princes Street in The Scotsman on:

1, 5, 8 Dec 1849

22 Jun 1850

26 Jun 1850

29 June 1850


The Scotsman 1 December 1849  Page 1


MR POPOWITZ begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry that his


and is now at No 60 PRINCES STREET, Edinburgh.

This advert was followed by one on a different subject the following week:


The Scotsman 8 December 1849  Page 1


THE FRENCH and GERMAN LANGUAGES taught Grammatically and to perfection in only 50 LESSONS ! ! !

For conditions and particulars apply at MR POPOWITZ's Photographic Gallery, No 60 Princes' Street, Edinburgh.

In 1850, Popowitz again advertised his photographic business:


The Scotsman 22 June 1850  Page 1

Also: 26, 29 June 1850




The highest perfection yet attained in this beautiful art, is in daily process at this Establishment.



George Popowitz appeared in Slater's Directory at this address in 1855, then  In the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory at the same address in 1854, 1855 and 1856.

However, I have been told that a will for George Popowitz was recorded at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 31/1/1852 and that it is therefore likely that he died shortly before that date.  [John J Hadden]

So, did the studio at 60 Princes Street continue to operate under the name of George Popawitz for about four years after his death, and if so, who was operating it then?

The business was still advertising under the name of Popowitz in 1853.  Was the advert below perhaps addressed to Members of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland meeting in Edinburgh?


The Scotsman 11 May 1853,  Page 1

Also:  14, 18 May 1852


LIKENESSES taken in the Best Style of Art at POPOWITZ'S PHOTOGRAPHIC ROOMS, 60 PRINCES STREET, at very moderate charges, and equal to the most carefully-finished Miniature.

An inspection of Specimens at the Establishment is respectfully solicited.


From 1858 onwards the 60 Princes Street continued to be the address for Edinburgh photographers, the first being John Moffat, 1858-60.



Patricia Ralph

Patricia Ralph tells me that before becoming a Daguerreotypist in Edinburgh around 1847, George Popowitz was a Daguerreotypist in Nottingham.

Patricia wrote:


George Popowitz


"I have a colleague who is trying to find the locations of any of the Daguerreotypes that George Popowitz took in Nottingham."

Patricia Ralph:  April 5, 2011

Reply to Patricia?

If you can help to answer this question, please email me, then I'll pass your message on to Patricia.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 8, 2011




Mark Gamble

Thank you to Mark Gamble for providing the following information about George Popowitz

Mark wrote wrote:

George Popowitz


"Slater's Directory of Important English Towns ,1847 lists under Nottingham:


Popowitz George, (photographic), Bromley House, Angel Row.

This directory information ties in with the 1851 census for Scotland which shows that his children were born as follows:

-  Leon c1844 England - See Births Index Dec Q 1843 - Popowitz, Leon Elias George - Liverpool Sub-District, Volume XX Page 303.

-  Louis c1846 England - See Births Index Mar Q 1846 - Popowitz, Louis Francois - Nottingham Sub-District, Volume XV Page 641.

-  Eleanora c1848 Edinburgh.

Therefore, we may presume that he moved to Edinburgh in  1847/48.

Popowitz produced Daguerreotype photographs that carried the embossed wording: 'Popowitz 4 Mound Edinburgh'.  According to the EdinPhoto information and my research, this gives such an item a narrow band of production of 1847-1849."

Mark Gamble:  October 26, 2011




Caroline Gerard

Dean, Edinburgh

Thank you to Caroline Gerard (a founding Member of Friends of Warriston Cemetery in Edinburgh) who wrote:

George Popowitz

"In the early (pre-1855) burials at Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh, there appeared the name “George Popowitz, Artist”. (No gravestone.)

I had to investigate this, and it turned out that he was a photographer."

Birth and Death

"George Popowitz died age 57 of Typhus Fever on 1 November 1851 at his home, 3 East Register Street."

George Popowitz' name remained in the listing of photographers in the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory until 1856.  Was his business continued after his death by somebody else, still using the George Popowitz name?

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  31 March 2015

1851 Census

"The 1851 Census stated that:

-  George Popowitz was 58, Photographic Artist, born Hungary, and a widower.

-  George Popowitz had three chil

-   Louis, age 5, born England,

-   Eleonora, age 3, born Edinburgh."

Caroline Gerard, Dean, Edinburgh:  March 31, 2015




Allan Dodds

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Thank you to Allan Dodds for following up Patricia Ralph's message about George Popowitz in Nottingham in her Comment 1 above.

Allan wrote:

George Popowitz

"Here is a reference that I found."

Daguerreotype Patent Holder

'The Daguerreotype patent holder in Nottinghamshire at this time was a Hungarian emigré named George Popowitz, who operated from the Bromley House studio in Angel Row, Nottingham and rigidly enforced his monopoly.'

Allan Dodds, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England


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