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Malcolm Thomson

EPS Lectures

Malcolm Thomson gave three lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society:

21 Dec 1960

Photography as used in the Detection of Crime

19 Nov 1969

Forensic Photography

9 Feb  1983

Photography used in the Detection of Crime



Thank you to Douglas Beath, Tasmania (formerly Granton, Edinburgh) for the following comments:

Douglas wrote:

"Malcolm set up a darkroom in the basement of 10(?) Jordan Lane Morningside, the home of  my relatives including the late Isa Davidson who had some police connection, perhaps as an auxiliary. 

Malcolm was into photography professionally in the police service.  About 1980 in Sydney I was astonished when Malcolm appeared on television, as a visiting expert advising the N.S.W. Police on photography."

Douglas Beath, Tasmania:  October 2005



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