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-  Ronald Train

-  Train & Ritchie


Ronald Train started out his photographic business in partnership with Ritchie.  After a couple of years, he had his own business, which was  to continue for almost forty years.  His studio addresses in Edinburgh were:

Train & Ritchie

22 North Young Street Lane


Train & Ritchie

58a Broughton Street


Train, Ronald

58a Broughton Street




Ronald Train


Here is a message that I received recently from a descendant of Richard Train:

"This photographer was an Great Uncle of mine I was aware that he was a  photographer and that his studio was in Broughton Street, but I am unable to find any photos produced by Ronald.

We also can find nothing on genealogy sites about this man.  We would be ever so grateful if you can come up with some information and or even photos."

[Elaine Beaumont, Edinburgh:  November 2004]

If you feel that you may be able to help with her query, can you please email me so that I can pass on your message?  Thank you.