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Photographers in Edinburgh and Lanarkshire named




Edinburgh Photographers

There were two professional photography companies, named Wood,  in Edinburgh in the 19th century.

Wood & Co

79 Princes Street


72 Princes Street


99 Princes Street



Alexander Wood
& Son

6 Saint Bernard's Row


1 Malta Terrace


10 Saint Bernard's Row





Lanarkshire Photographers


In Airdrie, Lanarkshire, 37 miles west of Edinburgh, there were two photographers named Wood.   Were either of these related to the Edinburgh Woods?

John E Wood

High Street, Airdrie



James Wood

132 Graham Street, Airdrie



Outdoor Cabinet Print

Thank you to Rachel Lamborn, New Zealand, for sending me this interesting outdoor cabinet print by James Wood.

An Outdoor Cabinet Print by James Wood, Airdrie  -  Horse and Cart

  Reproduced by courtesy of Rachel Lamborn, New Zealand

James Wood appeared in the trade directories  as a photographer from 1905 to 1914, but cabinet photographs tended to be replaced by other sizes and styles of photograph early in the 20th century, so I suspect that this photo may date from around 1905.



Can you help to identify the place and date of this photo, or do you know whether or not this Airdrie photographer was related to the Edinbrugh photographers named Wood? 

If so, please e-mail me so that i can pass on details to Rachel Lamborn.

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs;  March 11, 2006



Thank you to Shari Hoover, New Haven, Indiana, USA for telling me more about James and John Wood.  Most of the information below comes from Shari:  some comes from the Coldingham web site.


James Wood

Airdrie Photographer

James Wood was born in Berwickshire on March 20, 1858 to William Wood, a shepherd.  He was the 7th of 15 children.

James was listed as a photographer in Airdrie in the 1891 and 1901 censuses.  He died on 23 Apr 1940 at New Monkland, Lanark


John Wood

Glass Plates Discovered

John Wood was my great-great uncle.

He was born 30 Oct 1852 in Cranshaws, Berwickshire.  He died on 4 Aug 1914 in Coldingham, Berwickshire.  He was the brother of James Wood.

John became somewhat famous for his glass plates dating from 1890-1911, discovered after lying in a potting shed in Coldingham in the Scottish Borders for over 70 years.

About 600 were salvaged and restored.  Some of these can now be seen on the Coldingham web site.

Was he John E Wood?

The Lanarkshire photographer, John E. Wood may well be "my John Wood", the older brother of James Wood.

The Coldingham web site has not been able to trace where John Wood lived between :

- 1877 when he married in Glasgow (having gone there in five years earlier from Old Scarlaw in the Lammermuir Hills, East Lothian to train as a master joiner) and

- 1890 when he married again, this time in Coldingham, Berwickshire.

The censuses record that he was still in Coldingham in 1891 as a general merchant and 1901 as a photographer.

So perhaps he was the photographer, John E Wood listed in the Lanarkshire trade directory in 1886.


Edinburgh Wood Photographers

A Different Family

From the research I have, I don't believe that James and John Wood were related to the Edinburgh Wood photographers, unless they are distant relations.

James Wood's other brothers are pretty much accounted for and are not shown as photographers.