John Burleigh Wintour

Photographic Dealer

The trade directories show the business of John B Wintour as having been:

Photographic Dealer:        1901-40

Developing and Printing:  1925-40

For most of this period, the address of these businesses were  based at 141 Bruntsfield Place.

However, Richard Jackson points out that these businesses appear to have continued well beyond the death of the man who established them.

Richard wrote:

William Wintour Junior

"I recently purchased a painting by a man called William Wintour Junior who, I believe, lived from 1841 to 1907.

John Burleigh Wintour

"William Wintour Junior and his wife Janet Landells Binnie had a son called John Burleigh Wintour who was born at 14 Grove Street, Edinburgh on 5 April 1876.

I have done a little research and this John Burleigh Wintour apparently died on 11 August 1915 of heart failure, aged 39, at 7 Morton Street, Joppa.  He was described as an optician and photographic dealer of 141 Bruntsfield Place with a usual residence of 39 Viewforth."

Richard Jackson, September 8, 2009


William Wintour Junior



Richard Jackson, who sent the information above, tells me that he is trying to discover if any of William Wintour's descendants are still living.

Ian would like to discover more about William's paintings, 20 of which were exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy.

Richard Jackson, September 13, 2009

More Information

If you are able to provide any more information about the paintings by William Wintour, for Richard, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  September 13, 2009


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