Short talk to

Old Edinburgh Club

before their walk around the city walls on

July 18, 2008


A repeat of a Walk around the City Walls
 that took place on July 18, 1908,
organised by the EPS Survey Section

1.        Iíve been asked to say a few words about EPS who arranged the original tour around the walls 100 yrs ago.

2.        Iíve been a member of EPS since 1963, and Iíve been doing some research into the history of the society so I can tell you something about it.

3.       Photography really began with Talbot and Daguerre In 1839, followed four years later by Hill & Adamson in Edinburgh.

4.       A few early photographic societies were created around Britain from the 1850s onwards, following the Great Exhibition of 1851

5.       EPS was founded in 1861.  It included both amateur and professional photographers.  It was agreed to meet on Wednesday evenings and to hold an annual exhibition.  It still meets on Wednesday evenings and holds an annual exhibition.  The exhibition is held at 68 Great King Street during the Edin. Festival.

6.        There have been many sections within EPS.  Today we have:
-  Studio Group
-  Nature Group
-  Digital Group
-  Creative Group

7.        In the early 1900s, there were
-  Lantern Section
-  Elementary Section
-  Ladiesí Practical Section
-  Golf Club
-  Cycling Camera Corps
-  Survey Section

8.        It was the EPS Survey Group that arranged for the walk around the City Walls on Sat 18 July 1908.  The tour was led by Mr Geddie, a sub-editor of the Scotsman.
Other Survey Sections Rambles in 1908: Old Town, Holyrood.

9.        Survey Section Objects:

1.  To make a comprehensive collection of Original Paintings, Engravings, Prints, Photographs, Lantern Slides and Illustrations of every description of Edinburgh,  Leith and District of the Past.

2.  To secure permanent Photographs (such as by Carbon or Platinotype Process), Drawings &c. of Streets, Buildings, Monuments of Edinburgh, Leith, and District as they now exist, and of all Public and Open Spaces in and around the City, and to obtain representations of the Civic and Social Life and Customs of the City.

10.   The Survey Section was most active around 1900-10.   An exhibition was held on 4 Jan 1905.  It comprised: 50 paintings, 107 engravings, prints and plans, 359 photographs.

11.   Two copies of the Survey Section photos were created, one copy for the City of Edinburgh and the other for EPS.  I think that the first copy is now included in the Edinburgh Room collection and that the second copy has been donated to the Collection held by the National Portrait Gallery.

12.   Both the main Society and groups within it held outings during the summer months, by various means of transport:

-  barge to Almond Dell
-  steamer to Inchcolm
-  train to East Lothian, Fife, Borders, special saloon car attached

Enjoy this eveningís walk in the Centenary Year of the OEC.

13.   If anybody would like to follow up any points that Iíve mentioned with me, as we walk around the walls, please do that.  Or else have a look at the EdinPhoto web site,

Thank you.

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