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Research and Publications

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Between 1998 and 2001,  I compiled compiled a number of booklets to record the results of my research into the history of photography in Edinburgh.  These included the four below.

Web Site

In 2001, I created the EdinPhoto web site.  I added the information from these booklets into the web site. 

Since 2001, I have been updating the web site to include new topics and include updates on the original topics as I've discovered more information.


Edinburgh Photographic Society

This booklet contains poems and songs published in EPS Journals and Bulletins.

I subsequently found many more poems, some dating back to the 1860s.
 So I produced an updated edition of this booklet, to include them,
and I've added all the poems to the EdinPhoto web site.

Compiled 1998:    A5 booklet:  62 pages of text, tables and old photos

  Poems from the Transactions and Bulletins of Edinburgh Photographic Sockety  -  1884-1990

 Peter Stubbs:


Edinburgh's Photographic Societies

19th Century

This booklet became part of a package of items sold at
Edinburgh Photographic Society Millenneum Party in January 2000

Compiled 1999:    A4 booklet: 100 pages of text, tables and old photos

    Booklet compiled by Peter Stubbs - Edinburgh Photographic Societies in the 19th Century

 Peter Stubbs:


Edinburgh Photographic Society
Wednesday Meetings

Ever since it was founded in 1861, EPS has held its main meetings on Wednesday
evenings. Many sub-groups within the society have also met on other evenings.

This booklet lists the subjects of Wednesday Evening Lectures throughout
 the society's history up to  1999.  It includes an overview  for each decade,
charts and lists of lecture subjects sorted by date and by lecturer.

Compiled 2000:   A4 booklet  182 pages of text, charts and lists

  Edinburgh Photographic Society, Wednesday Evening Meetings  -  1861-1999

 Peter Stubbs:


Professional Photographers
Edinburgh, Leith and Portobello

In compiling the booklets above, I discovered that many of Edinburgh's Professional Photographers had been members of Edinburgh Photographic Society in the 19th century, some acting as Presidents of
the Society.  So I decided to discover more about the early Edinburgh Professional Photographers.

I compiled lists of dates and studio addresses from the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office
 Directories, and other directories, and added background information as I discovered it.

The results were published in a booklet for the Royal Photographic Society's Historical Group.
The Historical Group has also published booklets of professional photographers in several
other British towns and cities, many of them covering periods to around early-1900s.
Edinburgh Professional Photographer lists are now on EdinPhoto web site for 1840-1999.

Compiled 2001:   A5 booklet  55 pages of text, photos and lists

Booklet published by the Historical Group of the Royal Photographic Society  -  Professional Photographers in Edinburgh, Leith and Portobello, 1840-1940
 Peter Stubbs:

My Photography

Here is a page about  more about the background to my photography

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Early Photography in Yorkshire

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Documentary Projects

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