Book Recommendation

'The Wee World'

by Billy Hunter

Front Cover

Book published by Valentine & Sons Ltd  -  Scotland Picturesque and Romantic  -  Cover

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh



'The Wee World'

Thank you to John Dickson who wrote:


"This book, 'The Wee World', is a great week book about a young lad being brought up in the Abbeyhill area.  It's a 'must read' for anyone."

John Dickson, Muirhouse, Edinburgh:  November 2, 2011




Yvonne Caine


Eleanor Dzivane

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

'The Wee World'

Where can I get a Copy?

    Book 'The Wee World'  -  Book cover

A couple of people have read John Dickson's comments above and told me that they would like to find a copy of this book for sale.

They are:

-  Yvonne Cain: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

-  Eleanor Dzivane:  (where?)

Eleanor wrote:


"I'm delighted to see John Dickson recommending 'The Wee World' book.  I can't tell you over how many years, off and on,  I've been trying to get a copy of this book.

I was told of it many years ago by someone, like myself, who had grown up in the Abbeyhill area. It takes in their 'wee world':

-  from Beggs Buildings

Abbeyhill School

Rose Lane

Cadzow Place

Montrose Terrace


and down, round to Beggs Buildings again.

This was my wee world too!

I've pursued many avenues, and see now that the copyright belongs  to a Steve Carl."

Eleanor Dzivane

For Sale

I have had a look on the internet but have not found a copy of this book currently for sale on either the Abe Books or eBay web site.  However, I believe that both these sites allow readers to register their search for an item, then send an email to the searcher if the item turns up for sale, so that could be worth trying.

In the Library

The catalogue for Edinburgh Central Library is also on the Internet.  It lists   four copies of the book at the library, three for lending and one for reference, all in the Edinburgh & Scottish Collection at Edinburgh Central Library.

The book was published by the author, Billy Hunter, in 1996.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh, November 8, 2011



John Dickson

Royston, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Dickson who replied:

"I got my copy of 'The Wee World' at Stockbridge in the Shelter Bookshop.  I've also seen it for sale on eBay.

The book was printed by Thomas Litho, East Kilbride."

John Dickson, Royston, Edinburgh:  November 11, 2011




Monica Pudel

Ahrensburg, Hamburg, Germany

Monica Pudel wrote:

Billy Hunter's Book

"I was reading the EdinPhoto web site, and read about this book written by Billy Hunter, and its all about Abbeyhill."

    Book 'The Wee World'  -  Book cover

"Do you happen to know if that is Billy Hunter who played for Motherwell and lived in Beggs Building?

 Is it possible to get the book?"

Monica Pudel, Ahrensburg, Hamburg, Germany:  April 12, 2012

Billy Hunter's Book

I replied to Monica, saying:

-  I knew that the author of the book used to live in the Abbeyhill area, and thought it quite likely that he would have been the same person as Monica referred to above.

-  I found a copy of the book for sale on eBay, about a month ago.  I bid for it.  It sold for only about 5, but I was too slow in placing my final bid, and I missed it.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  Message sent to Monica, 25 April 2012




Monica Pudel

Ahrensburg, Hamburg, Germany

Monica Pudel wrote again with an answer to her own question, saying:


"Yes, the book was definitely written by the Motherwell footballer.  He lived in Beggs Buildings at Abbeyhill and used to train at Meadowbank, although he played for Motherwell.

I must have had a fancy for football players.  When we lived down in the prefabs at Northfield, I was never out of Gordon Smith's shop!"

Monica Pudel, Ahrensburg, Hamburg, Germany:  April 19, 2012


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