Lothian Buses

Central Garage

Annandale Street

Lothian Buses

Central Garage, Frontage facing Annandale Street   -  Annandale Street

Lothian Buses  -  Central Depot  -  Annandale Street

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                            Photograph taken 11am on 'Doors Open Day', 25 September 2004


Lothian Buses

Central Garage, Interior   -  Annandale Street
a 'Doors Open Day tour of the garage.

Lothian Buses  -  Central Depot  -  Annandale Street   -  Opewn-top Bus Tour during Doors Open Day

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                     Photograph taken 10.30am on 'Doors Open Day', 25 September 2004


Central Garage

Annandale Street

Both photographs above were taken from the upper deck of an open-top bus giving a tour of Central Garage on Doors Open Day, 25 September 2004.

The gentleman at the back of the bus on the left is reading a leaflet provided by Lothian Buses (formerly LRT) giving a brief history of the garage.  Here are some key facts from the leaflet:

-  The building was initially an Industrial Hall.

-  Central Garage has been used as a bus garage since 1926.  Initially, it housed 88 buses and char-a-bancs and 20 city cars.


Eedinburgh Corportion Transport  -  Close Up

City Cars

  The City Cars  -  probably in the 1920s

-  The garage was extended in 1933, as the fleet had grown to 154 buses and coaches and 40 cars.

-  There was further expansion in 1963, to increase the capacity to 242 buses.  By this time there were also garages at Leith, Longstone and Portobello.

-  There were further developments in 2000, when Shrubhill Works closed, and the roof was reconstructed in 2003, creating a brighter interior.

 [See second photo above.]



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