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July 2008

City Chambers Courtyard with Statue of Alexander and Bucephalus

The City Chambers and Courtyard, Edinburgh  -  July 2008                                                                                                                    Photo taken July 4, 2008


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   The City Chambers and Courtyard, Edinburgh  -  July 2008


City Chambers and Courtyard.

City Chambers

The City Chambers in High Street, part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, were based on a design by John Adam.  They were completed in 1761, forming three sides around a courtyard open on the south side to the High Street.

The arcade that now separates the courtyard from the High Street was rebuilt in 1900-01.  This can be seen on the left of this photo.

The Buildings of Scotland: Edinburgh (John Gifford et al)

The Statue

This view in this photo looks to the west across the courtyard.  The statue in the centre of the courtyard is of Alexander and Bucephalus, designed by John Steele in 1832 but not cast until 1883.

This statue stood in the centre of the road in St Andrew Square opposite the junction with George Street until 1916, when it was moved to its present position.

The Buildings of Scotland: Edinburgh (John Gifford et al)

Aerial View of Edinburgh

On the ground at the left, inside the railings is a large aerial photograph of Edinburgh.  A sign beside the aerial view invites visitors to take off their shoes and 'walk across Edinburgh'.


This photo was taken on July 4, 2008 as visitors were entering the City Chambers to attend a reception following the unveiling of a statue to the economist, Robert Adam in the High Street, opposite the City Chambers.

Statue of Adam Smith, beside the Mercat Cross in the Royal Mile  -  July 4, 2008


City Chambers

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