Edinburgh City Council

New Headquarters

East Market Street

Everyman Statue  -  2007

Edinburgh City Council - New Headquarters at East Market Street

İ  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                  Photograph taken at 7.40pm on June 6, 2007


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   Edinburgh City Council - New Headquarters at East Market Street İ


Everyman Statue

at Edinburgh City Council's new Headquarters, East Market Street

New Headquarters

Edinburgh Council moved in 2007 to new purpose-built headquarters at East Market Street, Waverley Valley, close to the proposed Caltongate development.

The council's previous headquarters were in the High Street, opposite St Gile's church.

New Statue

This photograph above shows the 'Everyman' statue and its shadow, outside the entrance to the council's offices.  I took this photo in evening sunshine on June 6, 2007.

The statue was created by artist, Stephan Balkenhol from Hessen, Germany, whose public artwork can also be found in Berlin, Hamburg, London and Chicago. 

The statue in Edinburgh is said to represent 'Joe Public'.  It is reputed to have cost £100,000.

Statue criticised

The day after I took this photo, an article appeared in the Evening News saying that the statue, which has only been in place for a few months, is unpopular with the new leadership of Edinburgh City Council.  Several councillors were quoted in the newspaper:

- Councillor Cardownie, SNP group leader and deputy council leader described the statue as "dreadful ... political correctness gone mad ... like a window cleaner who has lost his ladder."

He added:  " I wouldn't shed any tears if he were moved elsewhere"

-  New planning leader, Jim Lowrie said:  "This sculpture is far from ideal, particularly because he's male.  I know, myself, that has caused a lot of complaints from council staff."

Labour group leader, Ewan Aitken, said:  "My own preference for an outdoor work of art would've been for something more imaginative and impressive than this"

Tory councillor Elaine Aitken who was on the cross-party group that helped to choose the statue said:  "This was the best of the designs that we saw.   I think people will grow to appreciate it."

Edinburgh Evening News:  July 7, 2007, p.3


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