Eldorado Ballroom



Eldorado Ballroom

When was this fire?

Eldorado Ballroom Fire, Leith

© Alex Wilson, Leith, Edinburgh


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   Eldorado Ballroom Fire, Leith ©




Alex Wilson


Thank you to Alex Wilson, Leith for allowing me to reproduce his photo, above,  of the Eldorado Ballroom in Leith, on fire.

Alex wrote:

Eldorado Ballroom


"I can't remember which year it was when this photo was taken,  but I do remember that it was a holiday weekend. **

We were returning home from holiday,  passing up Coburg Street, Leith.  I took the photo from opposite side of Water of Leith.  I believe that the Eldorado lay derelict after this."

Alex Wilson, Leith:  September 9, 2010

** UPDATE:  Please see Recollections 3 below.




Kate McDaid

Bonnington, Edinburgh

Thank you to Kate McGourty who wrote about her family's businesses in Leith. 

Kate wrote:

Eldorado Ballroom

and my family's other
 businesses in Leith

"My mum's aunt, Kate McGourty (née Rennie) had a pawn shop / furniture shop in Giles Street, Leith and also owned the Eldorado and State cinema.

I found out, today, that Kate also owned the Capital Cinema, in Manderston Street, before selling it to Gaumont during the war.

My grandmother Celia Reynolds (Kate's sister) had the furniture shops in Tolbooth Wynd.

My mum, Mary McDaid (née Reynolds) still lives in the house that she was born in, in Great Junction Street.

Incidentally, my dad, Gerry McDaid was the policeman who was on points duty at the foot of Leith Walk before the traffic lights were installed there and before the Kirkgate was demolished. He was known as the 'local bobby'.  All the kids used to chant at him the tongue twister: 'The Leith Police dismisseth us'."

Kate McDaid, Bonnington, Edinburgh:  April 7+8, 2015




Laurie Thompson

Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England

Thank you to Laurie Thompson who wrote:

Eldorado Ballroom

The Fire

"According to the 16 July 1984 edition of the Glasgow Herald, the Eldorado fire occurred the previous evening, 15 July 1984."

Laurie Thompson, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England:  April 8, 2015