Parisian Photo Co

Carte de Visite

Cartes de visite are small photographs mounted on card measuring about 3.5 ins x 2.25 ins.

Here are is a carte de visite from the the studios of Parisian Photo Co.  The addresses of their studios on the back of the carte de visite are given as:

-  75 Princes Street, Edinburgh AND

-  45 Bernard Street, Leith

According to the trade directories, Parisian Photo Co had studios at 75 Princes  Street from 1887 until 1914, but they only had their Leith studio for one year, 1889 - so presumably this photo was taken around 1889.

I'm not sure whether the child in this photo is a small girl or boy.

The remains of the tissue paper that used to protect the photo can still be seen attached to the top of the back of the card

Carte de visite of a child from Parisian Photo Co      The back of a Carte de visite of a child from Parisian Photo Co

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