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John Tunny?

Brother of JG Tunny

A photogrpah by James Good Tunny, probably of one of the members of his family

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA


Tunny Family Photos

Carte de Visite

Addresses:  11 Salisbury Place and 13 Maitland Street.

Date:              1875-86 (based on addresses above)


Comment 1

Sheldon Cunningham who supplied this photo wrote:

"Despite the distinctive tie and wide jacket collar, I have not been able to estimate a date from the clothing.  My guess is that this photo may be of a son of Neil Tunny."

Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA:  February 2007

 (BUT see Comment 3 below.)


Comment 2

Julian Bukits replied:

"James Good Tunny had two brothers, Andrew (b.1827) and John (b.1831).

I believe Andrew may have emigrated before 1851."

It is possible the man with the goatee beard in this photo might be John Tunny, seeing as we have it on record that he was in Edinburgh in 1887 prior to James Tunny's death. Assuming that the photo was taken at the latest date of 1886, this would make him about 55."

Julian Bukits, Southside, Edinburgh:  February 2007


Comment 3

After sending me these photos,

Photograph by J G Tunny, his third wife, Margaret (Wilson) Tunny and 4 Tunny Children       JG Tunny - Carte de Visite - 5 Tunny Children and their Nanny

 Sheldon Cunningham wrote:

"Now that I have seen many of the sons of JG Tunny in these latest two pictures, I would like to withdraw my 'Comment 1 above.  I agree with Julian that this photo may well be of JGT's brother, John Tunny."

Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA:  November 15, 2010


Comment 4

"My thought that this is JG Tunny's brother, John Tunny, still hold."

Julian Bukits, Southside, Edinburgh:  November 19, 2010


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