Fountain Close



Fountain Close


Lithograph  -  Fountain Close

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Fountain Close


Fountain's Close  -  drawing by James Drummond, 1853

  Copyright: Reproduced with acknowledgement to Cath and Bob Jones, Australia

Fountain Close

Lithograph and drawing

James Drummond

James Drummond was born in John Knox House, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, in 1816.  He became Curator of the National Gallery in 1868 and held the post until his death in 1877.

Fountain Close

Picture 1, above, is one of 60 lithographs engraved by W Ballingall c1877 after original pencil drawings by James Drummond.

Picture 2, above, is a drawing by James Drummond.  It is signed at the bottom right-corner:  'Fountain Close  JD  - 2 July 1853'.


1.  Is this Picture 1 above looking along Fountain Close in the opposite direction from Picture 2?

2.   Is one of these pictures reversed?


Thank you to Ronald Jonker, Conondale Queensland, Australia for sending me his comments below, together with the descriptions that accompanied these engravings when first published in 1879:

Fountain Close

The first picture is of the West side from the interior looking towards the High Street.

The one below it also showing the West side from the High street looking towards Cowgate. Both were drawn on the same day.

The two appear as they are in the book so I don't think either is reversed. This is from fac-similes of his drawings published in 1879, as lithographs.

The lithographs in the book do not have the figures coloured. 

In the book I have there is no lithographer mentioned in the publisher's notice.

Ronald Jonker, Conondale, Queensland, Australia