London 'Routemaster' bus in winter

London  -  'Routemaster' bus in winter

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                           Photograph taken February 7, 1991

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    London  -  'Routemaster' bus in winter


London's 'Routemaster' Buses

The Routemaster double-decker bus was specially designed to operate in London.

The first Routemaster, RM1 ran in 1954.  These buses did not have all the comforts of more modern buses, but remained popular with passengers in the centre of London, with their open platforms that enabled passengers to get on and off between bus stops in the slow-moving traffic.

They were the last London's buses to operate with conductors.  More recent buses are all 'one man operated'. 

The last Routemasters ran on normal services in London on December 9, 2005.


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