Pall Mall


Pall Mall

Places on the Monopoly Board  -  Pall Mall, London

Peter Stubbs:                                                                                    Photo taken October 7, 1997


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   Places on the Monopoly Board  -  Pall Mall, London


The Athenaeum Club  -  Pall Mall

Thank you to George T Smith who did a little research to discover which building this was.  (I could not remember and did not take a note when I took the photo.

George wrote:

"This building is on a small square near the Duke of York's Steps. These steps, by the way, are the former Wapping Old Stairs which used to lead down to the Execution Dock at Wapping. where pirates were hung and left for two high tides.

The building in the photograph above is The Athenaeum Club."

George T Smith, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada:  Jan 13, 2009


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