Painting by

Tom Curr

used as the basis for tiles in shops belonging to

Buttercup Dairy Co


Painting by Tom Curr

  Painting by Tom Curr  -  girl and brown cow  -  probably uses as the basis for tiles on Buttercup Dairy Co shops

 Dr Lindsay Lennie, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland


A transfer of Tom Curr's Painting
To  be applied to Buttercup Dairy Co shop windows

See 'Recollections 2 below

Transfer of Tom Curr's painting of the girl and brown cow for Buttercup Dairies

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bill Scott, Alnwick, Northumberland, England:                                                October 27, 2011


Tiles on a Buttercup Dairy Co shop

Tiles in a Buttercup Dairy Co shop, based on a painting by Tom Curr

 Dr Lindsay Lennie, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland


Buttercup Dairy Company

Three Pictures

The three pictures above are all of a brown cow and girl.  They are:

1. A painting by the Edinburgh artist, Tom Curr.  This painting may have hung in the Head Office in Leith of the Buttercup Dairy Co.

2. A transfer of the painting, two feet in diameter.  These transfers would  would have been applied to shop windows in all Buttercup Dairy shops.

3. Tiles in Craiglea Clocks, a shop in Comiston Road Edinburgh that was formerly one of the Buttercup Dairy shops.

Further Details

This page about the artist Tom Curr includes further comments about the paintings above.



GM Rigg


Thank you to GM Rigg who wrote:

Drambuie Bond

"I spent about 5 years working at the old Drambuie bond at the foot of Easter Road.  It's gone now but it was located just a little bit up hill from the Persevere Pub on the same side of the road."

Buttercup Dairy

"The manager (Mr Mees) had his office in the old building that at the front of the bond that had been the office for the Buttercup Dairy Company.  The company name was carved over the teller's barred cubical.

and should have been preserved. Some of the older people who worked at the bond and had lived in the area all their lives told me that when they were kids, the school grounds all the way from the bond up to Hawkhill were where the dairy cattle were grazed.

I don't know whether they were pulling my leg about the fields or not."

GM Rigg, Edinburgh:  Message posted in EdinPhoto guest book:  September 11, 2009


Corstorphine Recollections
including Buttercup Dairy

Tom Curr  -  Artist