Painting by

Tom Curr

'Follow Me'

Religious painting by Edinburgh artist, Tom Curr

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Pat O'Neil, USA


Another Painting by Tom Curr

Six Children

Thank you to Pat O'Neil, USA, for sending me the photograph of Tom Curr's painting, above.

Pat wrote:

"This painting is about 1x 2 ft and it's different from the two you have above.   it's a picture with 6 children and they are of different race.  Jesus is  holding a long staff or cane, and it seems like he is having trouble with the little girl coming with him"

 Pat O'Neil, USA:  February 15 2008 + November 18 2008


Pat wonders when this picture might have been painted,  If you can help to answer this question, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to her.

Thank you:    Peter Stubbs, November 18, 2008

Here are two more religious paintings by Tom Curr:

Religious painting by the Edinburgh artist, Tom Curr  -  Jesus in Edinburgh         Religious painting by the Edinburgh artist, Tom Curr


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