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Robert McLelland


Photograph by Robert McLelland.  What is the backdrop supposed to be?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Margaret Munro, Portobello



Margaret Munro


Margaret Munro wrote:


Here is a photo by Robert McLelland, 20a Promenade, Portobello.  Margaret Munro writes:

"Here is a photo that I bought on eBay.  It was taken by Robert McLelland, with the address of 20a Promenade Portobello which I think dates it between 1934 and 1949."

I am really interested to know what the backdrop is supposed to be.  I wonder if it is supposed to be one of the Great Exhibitions, maybe 1938?"

Margaret Munro, Portobello, Edinburgh:  December 8, 2010


Reply to Margaret?

I agree with Margaret's comments above, both about the date of the photo and the possible subject of the backdrop.

The architecture in the upper-right corner of the backdrop on this photo looks quite distinctive, so perhaps somebody will be able to give a fuller reply.

If you have any comments that you'd like me to pass on to Margaret, please email me.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  December 13, 2010






Thank you to 'Benzyl' for sending a quick reply.

'Benzyl' wrote:

New York World Fair

"The background to this photo looks like the Trylon and Perisphere from the New York World Fair, 1939-40.

Here are links to two photos on Flickr, Photo 1 and Photo 2. They give about the right angle, with some other matching details, particularly the base and the walkways (with people)."

'Benzyl', Edinburgh:  December 13, 2010

The first 'Flickr' link above mentions that this exhibition was held at Flushing Meadows, Queens County, New York.


Robert McLelland

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