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Margaret (Smith) Tunny

1st wife of JG Tunny

  Ambrotype Photo by James G Tunny  -  possibly of his wife, Margaret Tunny (nee Smith)

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Sheldon Cunningham


Addresses:  not on case

Date:   1850s?


Comment 1

Sheldon Cunningham who supplied this photo and wrote:

"My guess is that it may be one of the wives of J G Tunny."

Sheldon Cunningham, Plano, Texas, USA:  February 2007


Comment 2

Julian Bukits believes that the woman in this photo may well be the same as in the photo below.

If this photo is of one of Tunny's wives, Julian suggests that it may be Elizabeth Hancock.

Julian added:

"It won't be Elizabeth posing with her second child as she would have been looking rather ill by then.

The woman looks too young to be the first wife Margaret. (If it was, she'd have been at least 26-27) and I have this gut feeling that Elizabeth would have been a young-looking girl and very attractive, which is what this girl is.

Also, notice the Edinburgh shawl she is wearing - could this be one that Tunny's father made?"

Julian Bukits, Edinburgh:  February 2007


Comment 3

Julian Bukits wrote:

"I'm going to make an educated guess that this photo and C. below are both of JG Tunny's 1st wife, Margaret (Smith) Tunny, aged 26 (b. 1822), probably taken not long after the birth of their first child, Cornelius, in 1848.

Ambrotype by J G Tunny, possibly of  his first wife, Margaret (nee Smith)

 This would explain why there is just the one child in photo B. above.

Both photos are obviously of the same young lady; note the ringlets in her hair and the shape of her face.  I would also go as far as to say that there is a similarity in her eyes and face to the eyes and faces of the three boys in this Tunny Family photo, who would be her sons.

Photograph by J G Tunny, his third wife, Margaret (Wilson) Tunny and 4 Tunny Children

Julian Bukits, Southside, Edinburgh:  November 16, 2010


Comment 4:

"This photo and the one below are both Ambrotypes, a process that was not invented until 1851,

Ambrotype by J G Tunny, possibly of  his first wife, Margaret (nee Smith) and child

so these photos must have been taken a little later than Julien suggests.

Tunny was keen to experiment with new processes, so he would no doubt have been an early user of the Ambrotype process.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  November 19, 2010


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