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'Walking Pictures'

Around 1933

West side of North Bridge  -  Robert Woolley and daughter, Pat

    'Walking Picture' on North Bridge taken by Spotlight Photos Ltd

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Colin McLeod, Battleby, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland


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Colin McLeod wrote:

North Bridge

West Side

"This a pair of photos is taken on the west side of North Bridge, looking north towards Register House and the Post Office.

These photos show my grandfather, Robert Woolley, with my mother Pat.  The family moved to Edinburgh from Hong Kong in, I think, 1932.  Judging by the age of my mother (she was born in August 1928) I'd guess the photos were taken no later than 1933.

These photos are printed on two joined half-size postcard backings, from which a third photo at the top has been roughly cut, so these were presumably produced in sets of three or more.

The photographer's name is printed on the reverse as:

 'Spotlight Photos Ltd.' "

Colin McLeod, Battleby, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland:  February 17, 2011

'Walking Pictures'

I like the matching fashions of the two ladies walking away from the camera towards Register House.

Looking at this strip of photos, it appears that they have been taken with a gap of perhaps a second or two between each.

Is anything else known about this company?

-  Did they have branches throughout Britain?

-  How long did they survive for?

-  How much did they charge for their photos?




Simon Capaldi

Sheriffhall, Midlothian, Scotland

I was interested to read Simon Capaldi's observation below.

Simon wrote:


    'Walking Picture' on North Bridge taken by Spotlight Photos Ltd

"The two women in the photos are, to me, 'plants' by the cameraman.  Both are dressed the same and they are walking in perfect time.  Note how their feet positions match in both photos.

Very clever, but not coincidental!"

Simon Capaldi, Sheriffhall, Midlothian, Scotland: 


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