Castle Series Postcard


Royal Volunteer Review  -  Edinburgh  -  18 September 1905

Glasgow Highlanders                                       Highland Light Infantry Brigade                                             

Postcard of Cramond, with a greeting  -  Castle Series from an un-named publisher

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The Location

Here is an attractive postcard of Cramond, on the Firth of Forth, about five miles to the west of the centre of Edinburgh. 

This view looks from the River Almond out to sea towards a very blue Firth of Forth.  The houses on the right can still be seen today (2004) but between the houses and the sea there is now a wide esplanade.

The ferry across the River Almond continued to operate until the early 2000s.  It is hoped that it will commence again soon.

The Postcard

This postcard is in the Castle Series.  I don't know the publisher.  It has not been sent through the post but appears to be in the style of the early 1900s.


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