Hartmann Postcard

Calton Hill

Calton Hill

A Hartmann postcard  -  Calton Hill with an advert on the back

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The back of a Hartmann postcard  -  A trade advert for postcards

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   Hartmann Postcard of Calton Hill and Rock House with a Trade Advertisement for Postcards on the back


The Postcard

Front of the Card

This view looks towards Calton Hill and its monuments. Calton Jail is on the right hand side of the picture. 

The house with the small building beside it near the left-hand side of this view is Rock House, the studio used by Hill & Adamson in the 1840s, and by various other photographers over the next hundred years.

This card was probably produced in the early 1900s, yet the name on the board beside Rock House reads 'Archibald Burns  Photographer'.

So the photograph must have been taken about thirty years earlier (unless the next occupant, Mr Inglis, left the Burns board in place).

(In many postcards from other publishers, the board on the low building beside Rock House can be seen but the quality of printing is not good enough to enable it to be read.)

Back of the Card

This is one of two different Hartmann postcard that I have with the trade advert for postcards on the back.  The price of the cards was 1s 3d (about 0.06) for 100 cards.


Calton Hill

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