Hartmann Postcard with Leith Coat of Arms

Couper Street School

Couper Street School, Leith

Hartmann Postcard with coat of arms  -  Couper Street School, Leith

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Couper Street School

The card above is one of several postcards by Hartmann that include the a City Edinburgh Coat of Arms.  All the others I have in my collection show the Edinburgh Coat of Arms. This one shows the Leith Coat of Arms.

This card has not been sent through the post from Edinburgh to Blackpool in 1910.


Ferranti Apprentices' College

Thank you to Patrick Hutton for sending the following comment:

"I think that Couper Street School, above, was latterly the apprentices' college for Ferranti.  I think I might still have some  colleagues who went there.  It is still spoken of."

Patrick Hutton  (now of Selex S+AS which used to be Ferranti until about 1989/90):  June 18, 2006


Thank you to Patrick for confirming this use of the school.  Patrick referred me to pages on the internet  in which Alan W Scott Ross (an apprentice who passed through the School in 1959-60 as part of his apprenticeship with Ferranti) describes the school then.

Alan explains that the school as provided both Craft Apprenticeships and Student Apprenticeships and that this training covered both mechanical and electrical engineering.

Alan adds:

"The School was totally self-contained with its own canteen specialising in home-made baking. Other activities managed by the staff included visits to other companies, mountaineering and speleology clubs, model-making etc."

Patrick Hutton   July 3, 2006


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