Hartmann Postcard


Foot of the Walk

Foot of Leith Walk
Looking north, towards Leith

Hartmann postcard  -   Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket

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The Postcard

This is a colour postcard was published by Hartmann.  It was posted from Edinburgh to Kirkcaldy in 1907

The period of this view is captured in the pedestrians, several carts and a tram advertising Nestlé's Milk, the awnings outside the shops at Leith Central Station and the elaborate lamp post.

View looking to the Foot of the Walk with a different colour of tram.

W R & S Reliable Series postcard  -  The Foot of Leith Walk ©

View from the Foot of the Walk, looking back towards Edinburgh.

Looking south

   Hartmann postcard  -   Leith  -  The Foot of the Walk  -  looking south ©



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