Hartmann Postcard

View from

Edinburgh Castle

Moonlight Effect

View from Edinburgh Castle
Looking towards the North British Railway Hotel

Hartmann Postcard  -  Princes Street Looking East  -  Moonlight effect

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View from

Edinburgh Castle

This postcard by Hartmann is one of many produced by Hartmann, Valentine and others using a photograph taken during the day to create a night-time moonlight effect.

The lighting in the windows on the left looks realistic, but the traffic and pedestrians on Princes Street suggest that the photograph was taken at 1.35pm rather than 1.35am.  See the clock tower on the North British Railway Hotel (which incidentally was, and still is, kept a couple of minutes fast, so that travellers are less likely to miss their trains).

This card was posted from Edinburgh to London in 1904.

In this view, looks to the east from the Scott Monument along Princes Street towards the North British Railway Hotel (now the Balmoral Hotel) on the right-hand side of the view.  Just visible in the background is the National Monument  on Calton Hill.



Calton Hill

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